Araldite® Express Glue Gel 3g



Fast drying advanced gel adhesive that bonds everything in just seconds without any drop on vertical or porous surfaces.


This extremely fast drying adhesive does not need mixing, clamping

or heating. It provides a strong bond on almost all substrates like porcelain, glass, pottery, metal, rubber, leather, wood and most plastics, except polypropylene and polyethylene.

Full strength and maximum resistance from -20°C up to +100°C. Wipe the nozzle before screwing. 


How to apply

Make sure both surfaces are clean and dry. To pierce tube, screw nozzle down tightly.

Unscrew the cap and dispense a small amount onto one of the surfaces.

Press the two surfaces firmly together for 10 seconds.

Clean the nozzle and replace the cap.


Store the tube in an upright position in a cool (+5°C to 25°C), dry place away from direct sunlight.

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