It might be a family heirloom, a souvenir from a special place or a gift from a loved one.

Whichever is the case its importance to you will be beyond price.

With their power to repair, Araldite adhesives help you to keep it forever.




Fancy a walk down memory lane? Here's a picture of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh officially opening the new entrance to the extended Sales Block at Huntsman's manufacturing and packing plant at Duxford. The first batches of Araldite epoxy resins came off the production line over 65 years ago and the plant has played an important role in the development of Huntsman Advanced Materials' global business.

1983 a visual stunt presentation was set up to show the strength of Araldite by gluing a yellow Ford Cortina to a billboard on Cromwell Road, London, with the tagline "It also sticks handles to teapots". Later, to demonstrate more of its strength, a red Cortina was placed on top of the yellow Cortina, with the tagline "The tension mounts". Finally, the car was removed from the billboard, leaving a hole on the billboard and a tagline "How did we pull it off?".

Motorists can make up their own emergency repair kit using Araldite® adhesives. Here are some ideas to help them choose.

A snag or a tear in a tyre can signal trouble in store but as an emergency measure to stop further immediate damage use Araldite® Super Glue. Available in either liquid or gel format, it will bond rubber in seconds on a tyre wherever these is no escape of air.

This tear was the result of 'kerbing' but with Araldite® Super Glue the bond was still intact after a 120-mile journey.









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Start-of-term is a notoriously expensive time for parents, especially if there is more than one child involved.

Items such as trainers, sports boots, satchels and bags can all be effectively repaired, saving hundreds of pounds on the family budget. Splicing and bonding leather or fabric strips, for example, will produce a robust, long-lasting repair. Araldite® Repair or Araldite® Fusion is ideal for this type of application and the 3g applicator version is perfect for re-attaching tags or soles on sports boots and trainers where careful application is required without opening up the surfaces to be bonded any further.

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Leading consumer adhesives brand Araldite® is launching a series of cartoons featuring the Stickmen - that's Stickman and Sketch - aimed at users of all ages.

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Araldite® Crystal Fix, a transparent, rapid-setting paste adhesive for interior bonding and fitting work, has saved at least one motorist from a hefty leather seat repair bill.

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When Equinox Products was asked to design and produce a very unusual item for an amusements machine company at very short notice, they used their past experience in working with Araldite® adhesives to ensure they delivered the right product at the right time.




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Araldite® epoxy adhesives have established a reputation over decades for strength and effectiveness. In the 'glue market' consumers talk about 'Araldite' in the same way they use the terms 'biro' and 'hoover'.

The current Araldite® range has been increased to include one-part adhesives, 'super' glue and fillers but it is still the classic two-part resin and hardener formulation that defines Araldite®'s market position.

The iconic product may go back a long way but even a cursory glance at the packaging shows how much the brand has developed its proposition. Nowhere is this clearer than in the packaging.


Araldite® Standard packaging, for example, starts by addressing a main key issue for consumers - usability. Araldite®'s packaging is reassuringly understated - primarily a black and white design with some simple application graphics and a full size clear 'blister' pack that shows you exactly what you're getting.






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Hundreds of Araldite® fans visiting the company's website recently to take part in the annual Araldite Valentine's Day competition wore their hearts on their sleeves when they took part in a fun poll.

Asked what would make their perfect Valentine's Day, visitors were given four choices ranging from absolutely nothing at all to the works, with chocolates, movies, gifts, flowers and candlelit dinners and the results proved most Araldite users stick to each other like glue.

Of the total entries, only a handful confirmed a general indifference about the day, with the majority opting for the big gestures to make sure partners felt appreciated.

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Araldite fans around the UK have shown their support for the product in the company's latest website competition.

The go-araldite site attracted a record number of entries for its Create Christmas campaign. Visitors to the site were asked to register to win one of 50 Araldite® Fusion or Araldite® Instant 24ml syringe packs and invited to send in pictures of their festive creations using Araldite adhesives.

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