Outside the Home

Araldite® Standard

Araldite Standard is a high performance, heavy duty, durable epoxy adhesive. Araldite Standard is ideal for complicated or time consuming jobs inside and outside the home as it has a long open time for any adjustments to be made.


All Araldite packaging has been specifically designed to be environmentally responsible. The plastic casing comes away from the cardboard backing easily so that each individual part may be recycled.


For best results, slightly roughen the surfaces to be fixed using sandpaper and remove any grease from metals with a suitable solvent.


When using the product it's always advisable to wear gloves and follow the detailed instructions on the packaging. Make sure all surfaces to be glued are clean, dry and dust-free.


Araldite Standard is available in a syringe or handy tubes. The tubes are opened and equal amounts of both components of the adhesive are dispensed onto a clean mixing surface. Thoroughly mix with the spatula provided.


Within 60 minutes of mixing the adhesive, apply it to both surfaces. Firmly press the two surfaces in place and leave to one side, held in place,either overnight or for at least 8 hours.


If you've applied too much adhesive, remove it when it has just gelled with a sharp blade.


Always leave Araldite Standard to fully cure for at least 14 hours to build strength.


Araldite Standard is strong and waterproof, making it the ideal bonding solution for load bearing or exterior use.


Once you've completed your task, the resealable cap provided means your Araldite Standard can be stored for future use.

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