Outside the Home

Araldite® Rapid

Araldite® Rapid the popular and trusted epoxy bond suitable to repair many items inside and outside the home.


All Araldite packaging has been specifically designed to be environmentally responsible. The plastic casing comes away from the cardboard backing easily so that each individual part may be recycled.


When using the product it's always advisable to wear gloves and follow the detailed instructions on the packaging. Make sure all surfaces to be glued are clean, dry and dust-free.


Snap off the spatula and the resealable cap from between the syringe plungers and break off the end seal. The syringe applicator will ensure that you dispense equal amounts of product.


Mix thoroughly with the spatula provided.


Araldite Rapid is also available in handy tubes. Open the tubes and dispense equal amounts of both components onto a clean mixing surface.


Within 5 minutes of mixing the adhesive, apply it to both surfaces. Firmly press the two surfaces in place and leave to one side for at least 20 minutes.


Araldite Rapid can be used to bond many materials and is waterproof.


Quickly repair a variety of household items, mend equipment and tools,  even undertake delicate repairs with heavy loads.


Always leave Araldite Rapid to fully cure for at least 3 hours to build strength.


Once you've completed your repair, the resealable cap provided means your Araldite Rapid can be put away for another day.

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