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Adhesives, or "glue" as most of us refer to them, may not be the most exciting addition to your workbox but they have two wonderful attributes.

They make AND mend things in a way no nails, screws, nuts and bolts can do - with a clean and often invisible join that is very satisfying on the eye.

So what exactly does an adhesive do? It's a much more complicated answer than you might expect, but put at its most basic adhesives create a near-perfect layer of 'cohesive contact' between two parts. If you think of jam in a sandwich you won't be far off.

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Keen gardener Roddy Clenaghan noticed his resident angel had apparently suffered a crash landing - result, one broken wing.

Just hours later the cherubic guardian was back on duty, courtesy of Araldite Standard adhesive.




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Repairing small items can be tricky and often requires adhesives that allow for flexible fixing times. The newly re-launched Araldite® Professional adhesive range, with its customer friendly eco-packaging, offer a wide selection of glues to bond most materials, including metal, wood, glass, ceramics, leather, cardboard, fabric, rubber and most plastics.




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Disaster when I dropped one of my favourite pair of 'Labrador' mugs - given to me as a present.






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Dedicated DIY enthusiast, Pascal Tournache thanks Araldite® for their support and help in his recent Red Glider project, using Araldite® Standard adhesive for construction of his amazing model.





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Some ethnic-style earrings were pretty but of no use. One had no 'partner', the others had lost the loops to go through the ear.  Read how we transformed a tired jewellery box into an attractive and unique item.

We used Araldite(R) Fusion to decorate the jewellery box and find a good use for the earrings.

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(picture courtesy of S. Bruntnell)

Richard Roberts used Araldite® Crystal to fix this amazing structure to its base.  The sculpture is made of gaffer glass which has a high lead content and Araldite® Crystal proved to be the perfect solution to ensure a strong and effective bond.





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