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Industrial adhesives range

Rely on us with confidence to bond virtually any substrate
Structural bonding techniques play a key role in today’s industrial assembly. As designers strive to bring lightweight and durable products to market in the quickest time possible, they increasingly choose industrial adhesives as the best solution for complex design issues.

Building on our 60 years heritage as pioneers in high performance adhesive technology, Huntsman has developed a comprehensive range of adhesives to provide solutions to a wide variety of design issues engineers face on a daily basis. Based on epoxy, polyurethane, and methacrylate chemistries, this Araldite® adhesives core range provides superior joining and bonding solutions for plastics, metals, composite materials and other substrates.

We deliver more than just products

The know-how and expertise of our worldwide team of experts in bonding technologies enable us besides recommending the best suitable adhesive

  • to also provide application support to answer specific project requirements
  • to reduce manufacturing and production costs through process time reduction
  • to improve the quality and durability of your product through improved physical and mechanical properties such as impact or corrosion resistance
  • to quickly bring your product to market


To find out more about our Industrial Adhesives range contact us HERE or download the brochures below.





 Araldite 2000+ Adhesives selector guide (746Kb)






 Araldite selector guide for industrial bonding (2.6Mb)







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Araldite® – Adhesives (Europe)

With this app select immediately the right Araldite® industrial adhesive for your specific need and a succesfull bond. Access the product description or send us an email to request the technical data sheet. Get the latest news about our development or application.

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