"It also stick handles to teapots..."

The History of Araldite®

Araldite DIY adhesives products were originally launched in Switzerland in 1946 1950: The first batches of Araldite epoxy resins were made at the Duxford near Cambridge.



1960: Donald Campbell attempted the world land speed record in ‘Bluebird’.

The car’s fuselage was bonded together at Duxford.


1965: A publicity stunt was organised to demonstrate the sheer strength of Araldite.




1981: The humorous advertisement (left) was created to show the strength of Araldite to consumers.




1982: The Cortina advertisement campaign.
This hugely successful advertising campaign appeared in three stages and ran for four months.

The second and third stage featured a second car being stuck on, and then both being pulled off, leaving ripped paper.




2005: Araldite adhesives help save the day in a unique fire engine project.

2005: Araldite DIY adhesives are targetted to Chinese consumers.



2006: Araldite adhesives are used in the construction of the Silvestris 23’ sports cabriolet - a unique, five litre V8, aluminium speed boat.




2006: Three types of Araldite adhesives are used to create the dome at the top of Torre Agbar in Barcelona.

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