New products from Araldite complete the full range

Araldite®'s decades-long reputation for its high performance epoxy based adhesives is being extended with the introduction of new 'grab', 'super' and 'crystal' (clear) products, plus outstanding metal and wood repair.

The company's much anticipated entry into the UK market for non epoxy adhesives is announced by Jean-Luc Pieau, Marketing & Sales Manager for DIY Markets, who says the wait has been well worthwhile. "We know from retailer feedback that they have respect for our brand. This marketing initiative will reward their patience by providing a comprehensive product offer under the Araldite brand. We have been determined to get the products just right and these are worthy of the famous Araldite brand name, which is renowned for quality products that do just what they claim.

Consumers associate our adhesives with success in mending or making things which are useful, practical, valued and sometimes irreplaceable."

Araldite is particularly enthusiastic about its Crystal Fix and Instant Fix 200ml 'squeeze' sizes in handy easy-to-apply-from packs which have been very well received in the market so far and are expected to rapidly become amongst the market leaders. Araldite® Crystal Fix is a one-part, transparent, rapid-setting paste adhesive for interior bonding and fitting without the need for screws or nails, while Araldite® Instant Fix has similar characteristics and is particularly suited to building and construction work.

There is anticipation too about its Wood Repair and Metal Repair two-component 'putties' which the company believes are unique in their formulation, finish and performance.

By varying the 'mix' of components DIY-ers and tradesman can opt for a liquid or mastic medium, workable for 12 minutes and 6 minutes respectively. These alternatives offer an optimum solution for the task in hand, and the products are versatile enough to cope with everything from major gap filling to creating fine detail.

The two new 'putty repair' products harden to give a stable, robust final finish which can which can genuinely be drilled, sanded, shaped and painted, without crumbling, softening or coming loose. Natural looking matt wood and metal finishes mean that for many bonding, filling, contouring and detailing jobs the only additional work may be some relatively light sanding.

Also included in the range is Araldite® Outdoor Fix, a weatherproof, fast setting adhesive developed especially to include external work, which is available in 290ml cartridges ideal for large areas of application. This product is a real all-weather performer and can even be used on damp surfaces.

Completing the line up are Araldite® Super Glues in gel and liquid form for very quick bonding on close fitting and detailed parts.

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