How to fit a ceiling rose using Araldite Indoor Fix

We fitted a very elegant ceiling rose which enhanced the room and provided a focal point.
Before starting the job, ensure the ceiling surface is clean and free of loose material.
Turn off the power to the light fixture and remove the plastic cover. NOTE - the power MUST be switched off at the consumer unit - simply switching off the wall switch can still mean the circuit is live and dangerous. If in any doubt, please consult an electrician.
Remove the existing rose.
Make sure there are no loose wires.
Once you have sanded off any imperfections in the cast plaster, apply Araldite® Fix adhesive in several places,keeping away from the edges.
Apply Araldite® Fix at regular intervals to cover the cast, including the centre but keeping away from the central hole.
Flip the cast over and thread it over the cable.
Press the cast firmly to the ceiling and hold in place until the adhesive grabs the rose.
When secure, reconnect the light fitting to the cable. Once correctly fitted, restore the power.
Using Araldite® Fix you can fit coving, picture rails and cornices to you room for a sumptuous, classical interior.
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