Confused consumers can find answers to sticky problems

Since its launch less than 2 years ago Araldite®'s website has attracted enquiries from more than 60 countries around the globe and carried news of consumer applications that range from a vintage Rolls Royce to an abstract three-dimensional artwork.

Many enquiries relate to an unusual or successful use of the product while others have a straightforward enquiry about the best adhesive for a current project.

The go-araldite website can often provide a quick solution. On-site there is a handy product selector which invites customers to specify what materials are to be joined or repaired under what conditions and whether inside or outside. Some consumers, however, will send a detailed summary through for a specific project or application they have in mind. During the last 12 months enquiries have come in from all over the world, literally from Argentina to the Yemen.

With the brand's recent range additions such as Cyanoacrylates (Super Glue), Outdoor Fix and heavy duty two-part Wood and Metal Repair, Araldite's coverage of home, car and workshop applications has increased significantly and this has increased the diversity of enquiries.

Even the most obscure request will be acknowledged immediately and for complex technical questions a full reply will follow within 24 to 48 hours after consultation with the company's technical experts in Basel, Switzerland.

A quick trawl through the go-araldite website reveals some wonderfully diverse projects, such as the drummer who repaired his 'vibra-slap', a percussion instrument which sounds something like a rattlesnake's tail, using Araldite Rapid.

The site also offers a series of video demonstrations of product use, with handy hints on preparation, application and curing times.



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