I love Araldite because...

Here are some of our favourite competition answers


I 'love' Araldite because....it always gets me out of a fix!

I 'love' Araldite because.... with it I never come unstuck

I 'love' Araldite because....you'd be stuck to find anything better

I 'love' Araldite because....it reminds me of my Dad mending things when I was little.

I 'love' Araldite because....it helped me to mend a favourite ornament

I 'love' Araldite because....it has so many uses and helps me out all the time

I 'love' Araldite because....it keeps the things I love together!

I 'love' Araldite because....when you 'stick it' it 'stays stuck'!

I 'love' Araldite because....I think it's safe to say I'm stuck on it!

I 'love' Araldite because....it helps me stick to my new year's DIY promises

I 'love' Araldite because.... it has stuck by me always

I 'love' Araldite because.... it has been cleaning up after kids since 1946

I 'love' Araldite because....it helps me with the little jobs around the house

I 'love' Araldite because.... it gets the job done, first time every time

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